4 Tales from the Country of Rabbits

50,00 kn

In the county of rabbits the young reader will get to know the caring rabbit mom, dad who tells bedtime stories, their sons Eusebius the diary writer, Hugo the trumpet player, and other members of the large family, whose merry adventures are told in pictures interwoven with words. Texts by Pika Vončinahave an original ludic quality and often contain unobtrusive reflection about the natural world and human relations.

Fairy Tale of Shallow Waters

50,00 kn

Picture book based on seashore debris used to evoke a setting and to provoke a story: shells and rubble become seashore, stones and wire become fish, and a little pebble-island becomes a witness of a fair tale that suddenly happens in the shallow water. The writer and the illustrator create an interplay between elements (water, stone, wind), transforming the ordinary set of things into a fantastic movement of awakened life. Fairy Tale of Shallow Waters served as a basis for a number of art workshops for preschool children.

Emilija’s Very Extraordinary Adventure

70,00 kn

Emilija the sheep, Pika Vončina’s calm and pleasantly modest children’s book character, is well-loved in Croatia. The present volume, whose title promises an “Adventure”, is not concerned with a dangerous quest, though Emilija does fly with the wind and dive with the fish. Rather, the little sheep becomes acquainted with the elements, and learns about the special nature of the air, earth, water, and even the stars. This happy dream journey is narrated in a laconic style. Vončina’s characteristic whimsical typography and word play further add to this gentle little picture book, whose plot end where it began: as a good-night-story on the pillow (Age: 4+)




50,00 kn

Playing with the motives of Andersen’s “Little girl with the matches” Melita Kraus tells the story about a little she-dog named Lili, whose old master got ill and had to go to the hospital – on the Christmas Eve. The little dog is left alone and tries to win someone’s attention, but nobody cares for her. Very tired and hungry she rambles through the town, until she is too exhausted to continue. She lies down and sees – in a dream – her dog-parents. They give her advice – to knock at the door in front of which she is lying…

Simply told and emotional, ideal reading for the young children (+3).