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The Story of Golem

Drawing on the Jewish visual and literary tradition, Melita Kraus rewrites the legend of Golem of Prague, highlighting its fantastic and amusing side: funny episodes, caused by the fact that Golem’s creators succeeded in making him alive and strong, but not very bright, make the story lively and full of surprises. Placing the frame story (about a little boy who gets lost in the old Prague) in the present time, and narrating in a simple and contemporary language, Melita Kraus establishes a close relationship with the young reader, and draws her/him into the world of her imagination.


Age: 6-8

Melita Kraus Sanja Lovrenčić, Lidija Dujić Ivana Čukelj & Korina Zbukvić , , ,

Format: 21×21
ISBN: 978-953-7760-55-7
Pages: 36
Binding: hardcover
Published: 2015.