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Josip Čekolj

JJosip Čekolj rođen je 1999. u Zaboku. Osnovnu školu pohađa u Donjoj Stubici, a gimnaziju u Zaboku. Prvostupnik je kroatistike te etnologije i kulturne antropologije, a trenutno pohađa diplomski studij kroatistike i povijesti na Filozofskom fakultetu u Zagrebu. Kratke priče i poeziju objavljuje u regionalnim i hrvatskim zbornicima i časopisima. Za pojedine pjesme i priče primio je različite nagrade i priznanja. Sudjelovao je na književnim tribinama u Zagrebu te na festivalima „Stih u regiji”, „Rukopisi” i „Susret riječi”. Izbor pjesama predstavljen mu je u veljači 2021. u emisiji „Poezija naglas” na Trećem programu Hrvatskoga radija. Ciklus pjesama „Vreme bokčije” objavio je u časopisu „Poezija” (1-2/2021.). Ciklus akrostiha „Rukovet noćnih putovanja“ nastao je u sklopu „Revije malih književnosti”, održane u Booksi, te je objavljen u antologiji „Vrijeme misli” (Kulturtreger, 2021.). Autor je slikovnice „Srna i Mak u potrazi za uplašenim mjesecom” (Mala zvona, 2020.) i kratke priče „S druge strane rijeke” objavljene u zbirci „U ritmu jeze – ponor plesova” (Mala zvona, 2021.).

Ostali naslovi autora/ice

Rascals in the Gutter


In the best tradition of young adult novels, but with a fresh voice, Josip Čekolj recounts the story of his rascals — four friends on the brink of adulthood. Although the town through which they roam is imaginary, their love and confusion, their conflicts and blunders, much like their need for warmth and belonging are all very real. As the rascals learn to find their way ‘in the gutter’, various characters show up to guide them along. Some are more trustworthy than others, and they largely come from the fringes of society, with perhaps the most important being an old lady with her cats and flair for poetry. And as usually happens in coming-of-age stories, their wading through murky waters becomes a first step towards maturity. The inspiration for this book was the exhibition ‘Rascals and Frogs’ by the visual artist Dominik Vuković, themed around memories of childhood. He illustrated this edition in close collaboration with the author, resulting in a special relationship between the text and illustrations.

Heroes and Dragons on the Decline


Imagination and a certain freedom in his relation to language as well as an authentic poetical experience characterize Josip Čekolj’s first poetry collection. In four parts – four zeals – the lyrical voice of this young and talented author celebrates the novelty of his first worlds, from the home region, both in a concrete and a symbolic form, to the world of family and first loves. The magic of these poems mostly arises from the peculiar shifts from real to surreal, from bright images that depict an underlying emotion. The author builds his space of words, a space that is built from moments he has experienced. This space is often related to motives that originate in nature and in traditional culture, but it is consistently original, full of surprises and freshness.

Srna and Mak in Pursuit of a Frightened Month


In his first prose text the young author uses patterns of traditional storytelling to speak about the contemporary problem of climate change. January disappeared, frightened by the absence of winter; a girl and a household spirit set off on a journey through the world of calendar, trying to find him and persuade him to come back. Adroitly following the spirit of the text, the illustrator uses elements from traditional book illustration, blending them with modern technique and expression.


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