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The Voyage of Aunt Hilda

Hilda is an adventurous chicken (rare thing in a chicken house); she embarks on a long journey, searching for the river Limpopo. Her adventures are told in words and pictures, in a series of postcards that she sends to her friends who have stayed home (as a normal chicken should). Her postcards are never just landscapes; the picture always shows someone she met on the road: two ladybugs who lost their sister, a pig prince, a walking hill, a cat teacher teaching only the letter A, and a number of other characters whose stories she tells in just a few words. They make a pleasant reading, full of little surprises that excite wonder and laughter.

Age: 4-6

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Pika Vončina Sanja Lovrenčić, Lidija Dujić , , ,

Format: 21×24
ISBN: 978-953-7760-65-6
Pages: 40
Binding: hardcover
Published: 2015.