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The Sneering Bird


Illustrating a fable about a parrot run away from the ZOO who meets various animals and finds all of them for some reason ridiculous until a fox teaches it a lesson, the artist Ivana Pipal finds ingenious ways of representing basically the same situation: the parrot and another animal. Giving each protagonist mood and personality, and creating at the same time deeply pleasant green world of the woods, she turns the tale about understanding and accepting others into rich visual pleasure.


Book #3396



Blue Town, Yellow Town


Two towns on the two sides of a river – and an old bridge between them. When the bridge has to be repaired and repainted the citizens of the Blue Town want it to be blue, those from the Yellow Town want it to be yellow. There starts a peculiar quarrel, and develops out of proportion to its initial motive… until the day when the nature intervenes and reminds the citizens of both towns of the beauty of the multicoloured world.

(first edition : Alice Jeunesse, Belgium
White Ravens 2017)