Lidija Dujić

Ostali naslovi autora/ice

Fairy Tale of Shallow Waters

50,00 kn

Picture book based on seashore debris used to evoke a setting and to provoke a story: shells and rubble become seashore, stones and wire become fish, and a little pebble-island becomes a witness of a fair tale that suddenly happens in the shallow water. The writer and the illustrator create an interplay between elements (water, stone, wind), transforming the ordinary set of things into a fantastic movement of awakened life. Fairy Tale of Shallow Waters served as a basis for a number of art workshops for preschool children.

Feminine Side of the Croatian Literature

60,00 kn

Exploring the feminine side of Croatian literature Lidija Dujić offers a concise and interesting overview of selected segment of the Croatian literary historyShe gives biographial sketches of Croatian female writers, explores the reception of their work and cliche images of women writers from the times of Renaissance to the contemporary age.  Analyzing and re-valuing some works, recognized under the label of “women’s literature”the author challenges many commonplace notions  writing in first person singularThe book is based on her doctoral dissertation, but is intended for a wider audience.