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Bruno Mezić

Bruno Mezić was born in Pula in 1963. He spent his early childhood in the town of Rijeka. In elementary school, he moved to Zagreb, where he studied Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In his career, he has so far tried a wide range of creative occupations: he has led a tailor’s shop, taught tennis and tango, worked at a telemarketing company and as a press producer in an advertising agency. He founded a company that organizes city sightseeing on bikes and he runs it to this day. He also organizes longer bike-tours through Croatia. He is a passionate hiker and he co-authored the first Croatian long-distance trail “Via Adriatica”. Sculpture is his other hobby – in 2020, his works were exhibited on the island of Iž. “Piccola con piccolo” is his first children’s book. 

Ostali naslovi autora/ice

Piccola con piccolo


The little girl Piccola shows an unusual feeling for sounds. Imitating the chirping of birds, the crackling of fire, the sounds of the wind and everything else that surrounds her, Piccola amazes the listeners singing her little melodies. When she comes to a
music school and old Professore starts teaching her to play the piccolo, the smallest girl with the smallest flute becomes ‘Piccola con piccolo’; her Bird Music becomes a huge success and she is invited to perform all over the world. Piccola con piccolo
is the first picture book written by Bruno Mezić. Creating a likable character of the little girl Piccola,
telling about her adventures in sound, and skillfully playing with Italian words, the author introduces young readers to the terminology of classical music. Illustrations by the young visual artist and designer Klasja Habjan imaginatively and playfully follow the text and bring to life the original little heroine and her music.


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