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Dorta Jagić

Dorta Jagić is a dreamer, a traveller and an award-wining poet born in the town of Sinj in 1974. She graduated from the Jesuit Philosophy University in Zagreb with a degree in philosophy and religious culture. Besides poetry, she loves writing short stories, travelogues and essays. Her many works have been translated into an impressive number of languages. She’s has also been writing for radio for many years as well as helping others find their poetic voice in creative workshops. She translates books from English and German. Luckily, she has discovered how much joy writing for children brings, which is a guarantee that she’ll continue down this adventurous road.

Published: Plahta preko glave (poetry, 1999), Tamagochi mi je umro na rukama (poetry, 2001), Đavo i usidjelica (poetry, 2003), Kvadratura duge (poetry, 2007), Kičma (prose, 2009), Kauč na trgu (poetry, 2011), S tetovažom nisi sam (prose, 2011), Mali rječnik biblijskih žena (prose, 2013), Kafkin nož (poetry, 2015), Prolazi i pukotine (travelogues, 2015), Veće od kuće (essays, 2018) and Tri putnika u zemlju Nut (picture book, 2020).

Ostali naslovi autora/ice

Three Travellers


A double debut: the renowned poet first time writing for children, a young artist first time illustrating a picture book. They tell a fairy tale about three brothers set to find a better place than their own, with subtle political subtext (there is a dragon at home who has to be dealt with). The illustrator finds original equivalents for all dimensions of the text, and manages even to imbed some citations from XX century art (Matisse, Hokney), thus enlarging the visual world of youngest readers.


Book #3346

Little Dictionary of Biblical Women


Renowed Croatian poet and short story writer Dorta Jagić offers a series of highly original literary portraits of biblical heroinesdrawing on material from the biblical narrativebut also from various other sourcesThe author gives her heroines imagined personal traits, poetic details of hairface or gaitand more then an occasional hidden thought, connecting them boldly with contemporary world.