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The White Cat

With this title we wish to offer the fairy tale lovers something beside the standard  repertoire of Grimms and Andersen. Marie Catherine d’Aulnoy, a 17th century author, was the first to publish a fairytale in France. Many of her motives were taken over by other classics of the genre. However, d’Aulnoy stays original in her proto-feministic interest for female characters and her use of the techniques of bricolage. In herWhite Cat Madame d’Aulnoy weaves various fantastic elements into a rich narrative tissue, with the most prominent role for the refined court of cats, funny and appealing for the young audience. Illustrated by a debutant artist whose cats and dragons are a joy for the reader’s eye.


Book #3330
Hana Vrca Sanja Lovrenčić Adrian Pelc Ivana Čukelj & Korina Zbukvić ,

Format: 21×21
ISBN: 978-953-7760-830
Pages: 40
Binding: hardcover
Published: 2018.


Once upon a time there was a king who had three sons, handsome and brave, and he got frightened that his children might wish to take the crown before he dies. He did feel old but was still capable and bright, and did not want to give up his throne. So, he figured he would entertain them with promises that would always stay unfulfilled…