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The Snakes of Nikonimor, Part I – The Palace and the Garden

The fantastical world of the mountains of Nikonimor, the southern shores of Yalma and Svardija, the Empire of Quadrifolium, the northern parts of Letinen with its great river and mystical rites is revealed through the story of the lovers, Arne the palace-builder, and Tisya, the flute player. In the first part of the Nikonimor trilogy, Tisya and Arne, trapped by cold, separated by a wasteland and wilderness and the slowly approaching cataclysm of the known world, attempt to see each other through the waters of a mysterious lake, and try to remember everything that preceded the hard winter. But the world around them, especially that on the northern borders, is not still…

Ana Jakić-Divković Ivana Čukelj & Korina Zbukvić ,

Format: 14,5×21,5
ISBN: 978-953-7199-45-6
Pages: 320
Binding: hardcover
Published: 2008