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The Lives of Troubadours

Sanja Lovrenčić’s book presents biographical texts by anonymous authors from the 13th and 14th century that depicted the lives of troubadours. Medival biographical texts about troubadours are a very old testimony about the interest that lives of artist awakened in their contemporaries. In a time where the only biographies written were those of saints and important rulers, poets are the only group of people that defy that rule – by being written about. Their biographies were written in a language that in medieval times, among others, was called “lenga d’oc”. Today this language is mostly referred to as Occitan, and it is considered to have been Europe’s first literary language after the classical period.

Sanja Lovrenčić Sanja Lovrenčić , ,

Format: 11,5×17
ISBN: 978-953-7199-40-1
Number of pages: 128
Hardcover with dustjacket
Published: 2008.