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Integral text of the famous poetry collection “Steles” by Vicotr Segalen, one of the classic works of French modernism, for the first time in the Croatian translation, with new calligraphies of Chinese epigrams. Translated by Stephane Michel, Senka Sedmak and Sanja Lovrenčić; calligraphied by Iva Valentić and Ming Sheng Pi.

Stephane Michel, Senka Sedmak, Sanja Lovrenčić Sanja Lovrenčić Iva Valentić and Mingsheng Pi Ivana Čukelj & Korina Zbukvić , , ,

Format: 11,5×20
ISBN: 978-953-7760-34-2
Pages: 188
Binding: paperback
Published: 2013.