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Palagruža, the Topsy-Turvy Island

The heroine of the story about the ‘topsy-turvy island’ Palagruža is the girl Gorjana who has to cope with a great change in her life: her father got a job as a lighthouse keeper, and she is moving with her family to a faraway island in the Adriatic Sea, lonely and strange, with no children to play with. Despite the sadness she feels leaving her friends and well-known environment, she boldly accepts the unknown and starts exploring her new homeplace. When with a group of fishermen who seasonally come
to the waters around Palagruža comes a girl, only a little older than Gorjana, the exploration of the ‘topsy-turvy island’ goes on in a deeper and merrier way, enriched with a friendship. Illustrations for this picture book are joint work of the text writer Lana Momirski who drew them and the visual artist Ivana Koren Madžarac who added colour, turning them into rich marine watercolours which will draw the young readers into the exciting island world.


Book #3711
Lana Momirski & Ivana Koren Madžarac Marko Radeljić Zrinka Horvat ,

Format: 21×25,5
ISBN: 978-953-8313-24-0
Pages: 36
Binding: Hardcover
Published: 2021.