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Bodies Are Easy Target

The new collection of poems by Aida Bagić was created during a period of several years, following her acclaimed book If my name is Sylvia (2007). Dealing with memories, everyday life, “sounds of her own interior”, the author is primarily concerned with poetic language, referring back to Croatian poets experimenters like Ivan Slamnig and Anka Žagar. Out of the memories, fragments of fairy tales, transformed shards of everyday life, Aida Bagić creates a coherent poetic world, affirming it again and again as the only fragile possibility of belonging.

Sanja Lovrenčić, Lidija Dujić Ivana Čukelj & Korina Zbukvić , ,

Format: 11,5×20
ISBN: 9789537760458
Pages: 96
Binding: paperback
Published: 2014.