Out of the Atelier

70,00 kn

New poetry collection by Sanja Lovrenčić.


still life: frozen begonias

brush captures the moment:
the stem still looks solid
ice in its heart makes it
apparently alive
while the sun is shining fervently
upon deep-frozen world

you see in the background:
someone left open
the veranda door
in the coldest night

malicious master painter in the picture
on a piece of auxiliary something
delivery box perhaps in which arrived
everything that’s crammed in the corner
is painting the rotting the gray the weary
plants as they will be
in only a few hours –

but not yet

Snakes of Nikonimor, Part III – Gates of Gold

80,00 kn

The third part offantasy trilogy by Sanja Lovrenčić, written in the genre of alternate history, inspired by the Illyrian proper names and names of places.

In the final part of the saga about the flute player Tisya and palace-builder Arne all the individual stories started in the first two books come to an end. The ancient world is going through a sort of cataclysm, and the main characters finally get together after a long separation. They start a final quest for the “gates of gold”, because only those who get through it would be no longer in the power of time…

The Snakes of Nikonimor, Part II – The Way to the Sea

80,00 kn

In the second part of the trilogy by Sanja Lovrenčić the separated lovers Tisya and Arne travel and go through various ordeals.

Tisya is consciously trying to reach the sea, the White Town, the only place from where the ships still sail to the North. But her journey is long, leading her through the wilderness of the Dividing Chain, where she sees, for the first time, Those-Who-Yell-Together. With the help of the salt trader Margan she arrives in the Stone Cells, where she has some strange experiences and then travels on, further down the Yalma coast, where fires of danger are already burning…

At the same time Arne is with the remnants of the northern army of King Gurna, struggling through dangerous underground paths, where the mirror-people Vodjani lurk with their mirages; he does not know that at the end of this road another shore awaits him…

The Snakes of Nikonimor, Part I – The Palace and the Garden

80,00 kn

The fantastical world of the mountains of Nikonimor, the southern shores of Yalma and Svardija, the Empire of Quadrifolium, the northern parts of Letinen with its great river and mystical rites is revealed through the story of the lovers, Arne the palace-builder, and Tisya, the flute player. In the first part of the Nikonimor trilogy, Tisya and Arne, trapped by cold, separated by a wasteland and wilderness and the slowly approaching cataclysm of the known world, attempt to see each other through the waters of a mysterious lake, and try to remember everything that preceded the hard winter. But the world around them, especially that on the northern borders, is not still…