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Coco and Rico


This story, written and illustrated by Croatian writer and visual artist Nikolina Manojlović Vračar, follows the youth of two sibling roosters Coco and Rico. These two heroes were born on a farm owned by two music-lovers, and enjoyed a careless youth among other animals. But one day they were kidnapped from their home by two criminals who decided to turn them info fighting roosters and to make them participate in illegal rooster fights. When the day came for Coco to fight Rico, they had to use all their cunningness and intelligence to turn the fight into a travesty, escape and find their way home. By telling this animal adventure story, Nikolina Manojlović Vračar reflects on friendship, loyalty and nonviolent ways to subvert and contest violent behavior.


Book #3332



All That… An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Verbs


Language itself inspired this unusual illustrated book. On every page a different verb: a little poem about aall that flies,all that shivers,all that hurts,all that floats, all that whimpersetc. Sixty funny, extraordinary poems that can encourage every child to think about words, are accompanied with sixty abstract illustrations that express a chosen verb in a manner that somewhat resembles the praxes action and informal painting. The book is useful as educational tool, it served as a basis for a number of art workshops with children, it is genuinely close to the worlds of childhood and it enhances the practice of reading for pleasure.

Selected among 25 best designed Croatian books in 2018.

Age: 6-9


Book #3352