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Jasmina Kosanović is a visual artist who mostly works in the medium of illustration and textiles (small sculptures and spatial installations made of textiles). She graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, majoring in clothing design.

Jasmina Kosanović illustrates books (picture books) and uses her illustrations in catalogs and accompanying promotional materials of art organizations. Firstly, she is best known for the project “Jasmina and the Dolls”, where she creates scenographies and puppet worlds in a specially designed space/showroom/studio. Her dolls and scenography come to the fore in the unique window display space that Jasmina creates anew for every season and for special occasion. Her textile and puppet spatial installations have been exhibited in Gallery SC, Trogir City Museum, Vladimir Filakovac Gallery, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Matica Hrvatska Gallery, Ethnographic Museum Zagreb, and Kranjčar Gallery. For the association Domino, she designed four window displays (which followed the four seasons), and which thematized current topics and problems: Domino (display of dominoes), Happy New Year (display of transvestites), Sailors (why are sailors gay symbols?) and the Unicorn (interpretation of the rainbow symbol as an LGBTIQA+ symbol). After the showcase, the works were exhibited in the Typhlological Museum in Zagreb.

In addition to textile works, Jasmina has been intensively engaged professionally in illustration, in recent years. So far, she has illustrated books “Noć kada je lisac uhvatio mjesec”, the author of the text is Marius Schiefer, Profil; “Raščupani lav”, the author of the text is Ines Mraciuš Kruljac, Mozaik knjiga; “Djed i vještica”, the author of the text is Ines Mraciuš Kruljac, Mozaik knjiga; “Ti, moja prekrasna djevojčice”, the author of the text is Nataša Ozmec, Planetopia, and Jasmina Kosanović is the solo author od a picture book: “Noć na Zemlji”, Mala zvona.

Jasmina Kosanović also designed costumes for the play “Oh, kako je lijepa Panama!” directed by Marius Schiefer, and performed at the Dubrava Children’s Theatre; costume design and scenography for the play “Ljubiti, samo ljubiti” by Teatar Poco Loco, directed by Renata Carola Gatica; “Pričaj mi priču: Ivica i Marica”, Teatar Poco Loco, directed by Renata Carola Gatica, while Jasmina is the author of the play’s illustrations.

She continuously collaborates with companies, institutions, art organizations, and individuals in the realization of projects where her great experience of working in textiles and illustration is necessary for the realization of the project; and she also visually enriches the project and the final product with her style and expression. Jasmina Kosanović lives and works in Zagreb; you can find out what she does and creates on Facebook and Instagram and her webshop.

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