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Out of the Atelier

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Sanja Lovrenčić

Out of the Atelier

Format: 11,5x20
ISBN: 9789537760533
Pages: 120
Binding: hardcover
Published: 2015

New poetry collection by Sanja Lovrenčić

four poems from the book in the author's translation

still life: frozen begonias

brush captures the moment:
the stem still looks solid
ice in its heart makes it
apparently alive
while the sun is shining fervently
upon deep-frozen world

you see in the background:
              someone left open
              the veranda door
              in the coldest night

malicious master painter in the picture
on a piece of auxiliary something
             delivery box perhaps in which arrived
             everything that’s crammed in the corner
is painting the rotting the gray the weary
plants as they will be
in only a few hours –

but not yet

scrabble 4.

new words:

brsluk might be the term
for the insolence of people
armed with

- oh my god! they just go around

olulate is a very noble fruit
which grows in hidden glades
in the rainforest
and rare are those who’ve ever tasted it
- but those who have...

in another place same means different:
in the north
at the moment when permafrost
starts melting
olulate is the name
of a lame Freon
that would finally take off
if it weren’t held down by
druolaa – the call of the depths

brsluk is up
olulate down
at the bottom of the sea


dance of things

you’re too big for that porcelain mug
           thin transparent hand-painted
yours is just the injury
the crack on the gentle green edge
the root for blades of a
future fracture –

           you’re stopping it
           you’re stopping
           half-peeled lemon
           blooming kale
           shot pheasant
           copper tray
           dewy grape –

you’re standing beside
in the dance of things

scrabble 8.

new words:

is a lost greek verb
that means to whimper
going in circles

is a latin noun
(with a slavic Š
you might say corrupted)
the name of the town
where misguided masters end up:
uncertain about their choices
they produce glass slippers
and clocks going backwards
virtuoso excuses, part time

is a greek verb too
(if it were latin
it would mean:
I too hate god a little bit)
but in greek it says:
I’m putting a candle on the table
you put out some olives and the cheese

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